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“A guy explores an island that only appears every leap year. He found out about the island through an old notebook that was left behind by his grandfather, Eduardo Santiago, a well-known scientist in his time. Through his journey, he met a mysterious woman from whom he found out about the secrets of the island.”

Luna is an 11 minutes short film produced in the Philippines by Ouverture Productions.

Kate Manuel De Vera
Enzo Hontiveros Flores

Director/DOP: John Michael Perez
Production Manager/Writer: Denice Magbanua
Logistics/Screenplay by: Nicole Guballa
Sound Design/Casting by: Kevin Gonzales
Editors: Denice Magbanua & John Michael Perez

Special Thanks to:
Kent Jimeno
Freciel Tarong
Sonny Dela Torre
Ciara Villa
to the team’s families’ never-ending support

Stills from film

© 2017 Denice Magbanua